Omix Records 2005

2 A NIGHT WITH AXEL (Ll. Coloma)
4 JUNGLE'S GROOVE (Ll. Coloma)
5 DRUMMIN' (Ll. Coloma)
6 35 BOOGIE (Ll. Coloma)
7 ANNA (Ll. Coloma)
9 CRAZY BOOGIE (Ll. Coloma)
10 NOVEMBER'S SONG (Ll. Coloma)
11 JAM (Ll. Coloma)
12 CRAWFISH FIESTA (Henry Roeland Byrd)

Lluís Coloma - Piano & Hammond B3
Josemi Moraleda – Bass
Ramón Díaz – Drums
Manolo Germán – Bass
Marc Ruiz – Drums
Pep Pascual - Alt Sax
Dani Pérez - Tenor Sax
Nacho Romero - Tenor Sax
Joan Chamorro - Baritone Sax

Special guests:
R. M. Gera - Guitar

Chiaki Mawatari – Tuba
Albert Vilà - Congas

Produced by Lluís Coloma.
Arrangements: Lluís Coloma
Recorded, Mixed & Mastering by Andreu Ferrer at Estudios Rosazul, Barcelona SPAIN, 27th & 28th July, 30 & 31 August 2004.

“Boogieology”, the new CD by Lluís Coloma, is a masterpiece of Boogie Woogie. All of its 12 tracks are beautifully arranged and performed by Lluís on piano and organ with guitar and horn section. Each musician is at the top of his game.

“Boogieology” is musically listenable, danceable and fun. Lluís Coloma proves his amazing musical coordination, track by track, again and again. By any standard this is a great Boogie Woogie cd.

I first heard Lluís Coloma playing Boogie Woogie piano at a music fair on Montjuïc in Barcelona, Catalunya, back in the 90s. He was just a teenager, but even then, he was authentically great. At that time, it had been years since I was moved emotionally by hearing music from my youth, but Lluís Coloma played real Boogie Woogie with so much warmth and feeling; he made me so happy. I was literally moved to nostalgic tears of joy. Since then, as a Lluís Coloma fan over the years, I’ve seen and heard him grow into a musical giant and evolve into the consummate composer and performer he is today. Lluís Coloma plays rhythm and sounds that take me back to the old Boogie Woogie masters, but the savoir faire he brings to his music is strictly of his own invention. Lluís Coloma is not only a great Boogie Woogie organ and piano player, he’s a great all round musician and a kind admirable person.”
Loti Lewis. The contemporary urban blues woman. Barcelona 19th january 2005


...If we had the habit to mark the cds with stars, in this case we would knock the sack over...
...his love for Boogie and his piano craft, inherited from the contemporary and personal vision of this genre...
Ramón del Solo. Bluespain. April 2005