Lluís Coloma offers original music and a repertoire, combining tradition and originality, which fuses New Orleans sound, Blues, Boogie Woogie, Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues... in a very natural and innovative way.

Deep and energetic performances, where the fascinating power of the trio envelopes an audience who let themselves go completely with the fast and vibrating rhythms of the musicians and the passion and feeling of Coloma's playing, who lives each one of his concerts as a total act.

Direct and alive music that creates a hypnotic air able to transport the audience into enthralling trips and provokes standing ovations everywhere. Lluís Coloma's concerts are simply an overflow of enthusiasm.

Lluís Coloma: Piano
Manolo Germán: Bass
Arnau Julià: Drums
Leo Torres: Trumpet
Jordi Prats: Alto Sax
Marc Sort: Tenor Sax
Jaume Badrenas: Baritone Sax



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