Twenty years ago Lluís Coloma began a musical journey. From embracing tradition to creating a personal language it has taken him to the most important stages in the world of Blues and Boogie Woogie piano.

A restless musician, Lluís is currently at a time of creative explosion in his career, breaking musical patterns and boundaries. A turning point where he naturally creates organic original themes and compositions that evoke an epic imagery, cinematic… that takes you out of conceptual thought and transports you directly and involuntarily to a sensitive and dynamic musical dimension, all tied to the common thread of the Blues. 

It's captivating and danceable music with a clear and forceful language and a dynamic rhythm which appears fast-paced even in slow tempos, well-crafted and rich in sensations and nuances rooted in the traditions of Blues, Boogie Woogie, Rock & Roll, Classical Music, and Country…the starting points to travel new paths leading to unexplored dimensions in sound.

Lluís Coloma - Piano & Hammond organ
Manolo Germán - Bass
Arnau Julià – Drums
Balta Bordoy - Guitar
Leo Torres - Trumpet
Jordi Prats – Alto Sax
Marc Sort – Tenor Sax and Flute
Jaume Badrenas – Baritone Sax
Albert Enkaminanko - Percussion
Elena Rey - Violin
Carlos Montfort - Violin
Uixi Amargós - Viola
Marçal Ayats - Chello