Boogie Woogie Tap is an original tap dance show played on a Boogie Woogie rhythm. It is the fusion between an energetic and festive music and a spectacular dance that conveys a terrific rhythm and much fun to the audience.

The complicity inside the group and the high-level quality of the music and of their dancing technique make of two of the strongest rhythm styles from the Afro-­American tradition a unique and absolutely modern show.

It offers a fresh and modern vision of Boogie Woogie where the classical repertory and personal compositions by the pianist Lluís Coloma mingle a great combination for refined choreographies that fit this music surprisingly well.

There is an amazing talent, elegance and nuance in this fantastic show. Music and dance lead in turn. The two dancers progressively turn into two additional musicians whose rhythms accompany the exciting melodies. All the artists improvise and choreograph all together in a perfect symbiosis. Not only that but they enchant us with “a capella” choreographies (without music), with Sand Dance, of whom Guillem is one of the specialists in the world, and with a surprising Body Tap, in which they use all their body as a percussive instrument.

The best national artists of this style, the dancers Guillem Alonso and Roser Font, and the world-wide famous Lluís Coloma trio and join their talent to convey magic to this festive music.

Guillem Alonso: Tap danse
Roser Font: Tap dance
Lluís Coloma: Piano
Manolo Germán: Bass
Arnau Julià: Drums