Swing Alley 2014

1. TERRASSA STOMP (Ll. Coloma)
2. RACANROL (Ll.Coloma)
3. UNTIL IT’S TIME TO GO (Ll. Coloma/G. Beadle)
4. RITUAL (Ll. Coloma)
6. FIRE FINGERS (Ll. Coloma)
7. NIT A LLUÇÀ (Ll. Coloma)
8. GUINDILLA’S BOOGIE (Ll. Coloma/ G. Beadle)
9. SOMNI ARGENTÍ (Ll. Coloma)
10. JOLENE (Ll. Coloma)
11. LA ANGUILA (G. Beadle)

Horn arrangements by Gordon Beadle & Lluís Coloma

Sax Gordon – Tenor Saxophone
Lluís Coloma – Piano
Balta Bordoy – Guitar
Manolo Germán – Bass
Marc Ruiz – Drums
David Pastor – Trumpet
Jordi Prats – Alto Saxophone
Dani Pérez – Tenor Saxophone
Jaume Badrenas – Baritone Saxophone

Produced by Lluís Coloma & Gordon Beadle.
Cover & design by Berto Martínez
Photos by Nuria Cellini
Recorded at Nova Jazz Cava in Terrassa (Barcelona) SPAIN on 1st & 2nd April 2013 by Oriol Bacardit & Marc Boria, Estudi LaBedoble and Natxo Nogueras.
Mixed by Natxo Nogueras, Gordon Beadle & Lluís Coloma at Guindilla’s Studios in Lluçà, Barcelona, on September & October 2013.
Mastering by Alvaro Balañá, Impact Mastering Labs in Barcelona, November 2013.

Catalonian pianist Lluís Coloma and American sax player Sax Gordon bring a lot to the table. Like a great meal in Barcelona, they combine influences, styles and flavors to create something unique and special.

Drawing from the traditions of American Blues, Jazz, Boogie Woogie, as well as Catalonian and Latin from the region as well as Mallorcan guitarist Balta Bordoy. Their very first recording together, this CD features not only all-original new material, but also all the creative, fun, and wild playing that Lluís, Gordon, and the band have been delighting audiences with for years.


“Here comes a new piece of work by our most international boogie-woogie piano placer, Lluís Coloma. Following the line of his previous albums, he has recorded in collaboration with other blues and boogie-woogie renowned artists, Lluís Coloma has done his last album together with great sax player Sax Gordon. "RacanRol" is an ambitious record where different rhythms and musical genres are perfectly displayed, on a full tour around blues, boogie, Latin rhythms, New Orleans gumbo and a little bit of jazz. The album was recorded at the Nova Jazz Cava in Terrassa in 2013 and includes eleven joyful magic and colorful songs. The lively and perfect combination of Gordon’s sax and Coloma’s piano will give an unforgettable flavor to every listener, with the excellent support of Marc Ruiz on drums and Manolo Germán on double bass, who get the best background and a swingin’ but at the same time restrained rhythm, to make everything sound right. A special mention to Balta Bordoy’s guitar playing and the teamed sound of the whole horn section with David Pastor trumpet, Jordi Prats alto sax, Dani Pérez tenor sax, Jaume Badrenas baritone sax and, of course, Sax Gordon on tenor sax and music arrangements. I dare say you will deeply enjoy the whole cd. GREAT.”

Vicente Zúmel. Radio Pica “La Hora del Blues”. October 2014
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