Swing Alley 2011

1. VICKSBURG BLUES (Eurreal Montgomery)
2. CHICAGO BREAKDOWN (Maceo Merryweather)
3. MARIE (Otis Spann)
4. HOW LONG BLUES (Leroy Carr)
5. SHREVEPORT FAREWELL (Eurreal Montgomery)
6. ST. LOUIS BLUES (W.C. Handy)
8. AFTER HOURS (Avery Parrish)
9. IZY MAE (H. Charles Goering)
10. HONKY TONK TRAIN BLUES (Meade Lux Lewis)
11. YANCEY SPECIAL (Jimmy Yancey)
12. ST. JAMES INFIRMARY (Irving Mills)
13. I KEEP ON DRINKING (Eurreal Montgomery)

A tribute to Chicago Blues Piano

Lluís Coloma – Piano

Special appearance:
Barrelhouse Chuck, vocals on I Keep On Drinking

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Steve Yates Recording Studio, Chicago, USA. 15th, 16th y 17th de November 2010.

Mixed & mastered by Steve Yates, Barrelhouse Chuck & Lluís Coloma.

Produced by Barrelhouse Chuck
Executive Producer: Jordi Pujol
Sound Engineer: Steve Yates
Cover Photo: Lluís Coloma
Inside Photos: Anna Caixach
Artwork: George Borum

“When Lluís Coloma asked me to produce this album, I jumped at the chance. The songs that we chose to cover, I believe, are some of the best Chicago blues piano music ever made. Only a piano master could have done what I asked Lluís to do. He has stayed true to the sound and feel of the original versions, and his interpretations are pristine. It is hard to over emphasize how difficult a challenge it was to record such a diverse mix of seminal blues piano hits, but with his discerning ear and impeccable timing Lluís left no doubt that he is indeed a master.

This album is a unique departure for Lluís. As his many fans know, he usually

plays his own original compositions. There is an inherent danger in covering great originals in any genre of music, you leave yourself open to criticisms and inevitable comparisons. To me, Lluís captured the true essence of each song with Chicago feeling and heart not just the correct notes. I never would have imagined that a guy from Barcelona could play with so much grease and grit. He sounds like he hung out with Little Brother, Jimmy Yancey and the other Chicago greats. I myself moved to Chicago as a young aspiring player many years ago, to do just that. I can safely say that there are very few American piano players alive today, who could interpret these songs as well as Lluís has here.

I am thrilled to have had a hand in the making of this album. Listen, and enjoy the ride back through a bygone era of Chicago blues. If you love real Chicago blues piano, as Lluís and I do, then this album is guaranteed to become a favorite of yours, like it has of mine.”

Barrelhouse Chuck. Chicago, 2011